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Worship of Heaven is a ministry whose goal is that of bringing the Praise and Worship music of heaven to earth, and then distributing it throughout the earth. Hence its name: “Worship of Heaven”.

Worship of Heaven is a collection of original Christian Praise and Worship Songs, and a Legal Framework which governs the use of those songs.

Worship of Heaven promotes Praise and Worship Songs, specifically – that is: the written lyrics of Praise and Worship Songs, along with their associated written music – that is their chords and melody line.

By “Praise and Worship”, we’re talking about those songs whose lyrics would be appropriate for other people to use in praising and worshiping God – both in their private times with Him and when they’re in the midst of a crowd, such as at a church. The style of music that goes along those lyrics, however, can be of any style.

So, if you’ve written a Praise and Worship Song, you could use Worship of Heaven to distribute your song throughout the world so that individuals and congregations alike could use it in worshiping God. Alternatively, if you’re a Recording Artist, a Worship Leader, a Worship Team Member or a Performer you could use Worship of Heaven as a source of new songs which you could then bring to your audience. Worship of Heaven acts as a repository for sharing Praise and Worship Songs amongst these people.

Song Writers can upload their song or songs to so that others can subsequently download them. When a person uploads a song, they’d upload it in written form – ideally a lead sheet – that is, a written page which has the lyrics, chords and melody line of the song. But if the person doesn’t have that, at a minimum they would upload the written lyrics and chords of the song.

Additionally, if they’ve got an MP3 of the song, they could upload that so that others could get a feel for how the song goes. It's important to understand that the purpose of the MP3 is not to sell it, because does not sell anything, at least not at this time. Rather, it's so as act as a demo, so that other people could better-understand how to sing and/or play that song.

The MP3 could be anything from a simple recording of someone singing the song, acapella, up to a sophisticated multi-track studio recording of the song.

When a song is uploaded to, we’d say that the song has been “contributed” to Worship of Heaven. When a Song Writer contributes a song, in a way it’s as if they were tithing the song back to God so that God’s people can use it to worship Him.

In order to contribute a song to Worship of Heaven, a person must be the copyright owner of it. Or if multiple people wrote it, they each must give their permission so as to contribute the song. Also, in order to contribute a song, the contributor must affirm that no other entity has any right to control the song in any way. After a song is contributed, the original copyright owner or owners are still the only ones which own the song. Worship of Heaven does not become an owner or co-owner of the song.

All of the details regarding the use of the songs in Worship of Heaven’s Song Collection are spelled-out in Worship of Heaven’s Legal Framework.

Worship of Heaven’s Legal Framework is a contract agreement which regulates the use of the site’s songs, so as to ensure that they are used, first and foremost, to bring glory and renown to God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Legal Framework is online at There’s a lot of detail there. You’ll need to agree to the Legal Framework before using the songs of Worship of Heaven in any way. The Legal Framework will evolve and be perfected over time. Your comments on it are definitely welcome. In fact, your comments may change the direction of the Legal Framework.

We hope you’ll consider using Worship of Heaven’s resources. If you’re a Songwriter, we hope you’ll consider contributing one or more of your songs so that others throughout the world can use them so as to worship God freely. If you’re a Recording Artist, a Worship Leader, a Worship Team Member or a Performer, we hope you’ll consider downloading one or more songs from Worship of Heaven’s Song Collection and adding them in to your current repertoire.

If any of that seems like a possibility to you, then let’s connect. We can do that by your creating for yourself a User ID and password on the Worship of Heaven site:, and by your liking our Facebook page, entitled, “Worship of Heaven”. While on Facebook, please also consider writing on our Wall.

There’s a lot more to say, so let’s connect and move forward together.

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