2-Minute Overview of Worship of Heaven

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Worship of Heaven is a Christian music ministry whose overall goal is to bring the Praise and Worship music of heaven to earth, and to distribute it throughout the earth, and hence its name, “Worship of Heaven”. Worship of Heaven is a framework for sharing Praise and Worship songs amongst those who write them, sing them, play them, record them and perform them live. It’s also about setting up an environment for those songs to propagate across the world in an unregulated and potentially viral fashion.

Worship of Heaven attempts to do these things by translating some principles of the kingdom of God into an earth-bound Legal Framework which governs the use of the site’s Praise and Worship songs. The resulting principles are markedly different from the principles which practically dominate the current Music Industry. We believe you’ll find them to be a breath of fresh air.

Worship of Heaven is geared towards working with those who are involved with Praise and Worship music, including:

  • Song Writers
  • Recording Artists
  • Worship Leaders
  • Worship Team Members
  • Performers

Worship of Heaven’s services are 100% free to you. Worship of Heaven’s focus is not on making money, but on promoting the greatness and glory of God to the world for which Jesus Christ died. It does this through the medium of Praise and Worship music, specifically.

On our web site, WorshipOfHeaven.com, and on our Facebook page entitled “Worship of Heaven”, are videos which describe this ministry in more detail: what it is and why it exists, what it can do for you and why you should care. Some of these videos are still being created and will be posted when they’re available. If you’d like to be notified when these videos are viewable on the web, then please give us your contact information. There are two ways to do this: either go to our Facebook page and “like” it or go to our web site and create for yourself a User ID and password. Ideally you’d do both.

Next Video: How Worship of Heaven Works