January, 2020 - "Early Adopters" Wanted

Up and Running

WorshipOfHeaven.com (i.e. "Worship of Heaven") is a new site, and although it's fully-functional, we want to make things better;  would you help us?

Become an Early Adopter

We'd like to get some constructive feedback from those who would like to see this revolution take off. In order to do that, we're looking for some "Early Adopters".

Here's What We're Asking of You ...

As an Early Adopter, you'd give the site a workout:

  • Watch one or more of the Videos which explain how Worship of Heaven works.  The links to these videos are on the home page.
  • Click around and read some of the web pages.
  • Download a Song or two.
  • Ideally, it would be great if you'd exercise the uploading process by creating a User ID for yourself, and then uploading one or more of your own original Christian Praise and Worship Songs.
  • After that, you can try Managing the Song(s) you've already uploaded.
  • Of course, at any time you can read through our Legal Framework document, which is online.
  • Then, when you're ready, share with us what you like and don't like about the whole experience. Give us your suggestions, your comments, your gripes, your praises ... they're all welcome and we're all ears. You can either email the site Admininstrator (use the "Contact Us" menu item at the top) or better yet ... place your comments on our Facebook Page. (See the "Facebook" link in the left column of every page.)

Understand that if you feel uneasy about uploading your own Songs to the site, you can specify a "Grace Period" for your Songs of up to 30 days at the time you upload them.  During the Grace Period, you have the option of revoking your Song(s) from site's Song Collection and completely geting out from any kind of legal committments to the site.  It's like a 30-day no-questions-asked "return policy" at a store. If you want to exercise this option, be sure to specify a "Grace Period" of greater than 0 Days on the "Upload" page, which you'll fill out when uploading the Song(s).  Later, if you do decide to revoke your Song(s), you can do so via the  "Manage" web page (you'll need to be logged in to see the menu items for these pages).

This is the Time to Do It

If you've got even a "possible" interest in sharing your Songs and/or using others' Songs, then by all means, consider helping us out. Your early input can help to shape the future of Worship of Heaven.

You're making no committment whatsoever by taking up the role as a Early Adopter. We're not going to hound you down - just an occasional email. Furthermore, if you decide you want out, no problem - just say the word, and it's over.

So, how do you sign up for being a Early Adopter?  Well, there's no "sign up" procedure.  Rather, if you want to do it, just start right now, right where you're at.  But please let us know if you decide to do it, would you?

Get on our Email List

Whether or not you want to be a Early Adopter, at least consider getting on our email list. We won't SPAM you, and we won't share your information with others, either. Rather, we'll let you know how we're progressing towards the Launch date and when we actually do Launch. You can get off of the email list at any time by just telling us you want out.

Here's how to get on our email list:  Create a Login to Worship of Heaven.

Thanks and take care!