Worship of Heaven: Privacy Policy

The Rationale Behind Our Collection of Information

Worship of Heaven collects certains types of information from our Users. The primary rationale for this is so that:

  1. We can provide an interactive web site where email is used to communicate with our Users.
  2. We can tailor our content to different types of Users.
  3. We can intelligently analyze our web site from the point of view of the performance and popularity of specific web pages, along with other comparisons. This information is anonymous; it is not associated with a specific, identifiable human User.  We may share this anonymous information with outside entities with whom we partner, whose products or services we may use, lease or purchase.   Worship of Heaven uses "cookies" so as to collect this anonymous information.
  4. We can keep a record of which functions Users are accessing.

Complete Privacy of User-Identifiable Information is our Goal

Worship of Heaven is committed to keeping all User-identifiable information as private and protected as we reasonably can. This means that all Data and Files which are associated with the site (including, but not limited to Song Files, User ID's and everything else which a User can type into the site) are kept behind a firewall and are generally accessible only to Administrative personnel who have the correct passwords.

With that being said, there are, theoretically, a few instances where Data and Files could be viewed by personnel who are not authorized Administrators of Worship of Heaven. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Court Order. In the event that Worship of Heaven is induced by a legitimate Court within the United States so as to produce information from the site, then by law Worship of Heaven must do so. This could happen by a Judge's decree or similar order.
  2. Having to prove innocence of lawbreaking. In the event that Worship of Heaven is accused of Copyright Infringement or some other crime, we may have to show positive proof on an as-needed, Song-by-Song basis, of the Copyright Ownership or our Users' Songs.   This could result in our having to reveal Users' personnel information in court so as to support our claims.  Please note that this is no different from what any Music Publisher in the western world might have to do, given the same circumstances.
  3. Cyber-theft. Worship of Heaven has taken many reasonable precautions towards safeguarding all Data and Files. However, it is still possible that information could be intercepted as it travels across the Internet. It is still possible that personnel at the Data Center which Worship of Heaven uses could access Worship of Heaven's Data and Files. It is still possible that "hackers" could break into the site and/or tamper with Data and/or Files. Please note that these are the same problems that plague almost every Web site in the world - even the most advanced military sites and banking sites. There is virtually no way to run a web site while absolutely guaranteeing that Data and Files can not be compromised.