Worship of Heaven: Song-Sharing for Praise and Worship Songs

Your Songs, Sung Around the World

Worship of Heaven is a Song-Sharing Ministry for original Christian Praise and Worship Songs. The site does this by providing the capability for Users to upload and download sheet music. This, in turn provides a mechanism for musicians worldwide to add the Songs into their own repertoire so as to use them when leading others in worshiping God.

It's Time For A Revolution

As you probably know, even in the area of Praise and Worship music, very few Songs can be used freely, unless they are used solely in a live manner and solely within a formal "Worship Service". For any other use, the Songs must be licensed from their Copyright Owners. Their use will be restricted by the terms of that contract agreement (which you'll have to sign). In addition, you'll pay for the privilege of using those Songs ... every year (or more often), ongoing, until you stop using them.

But now that you've found Worship of Heaven, forget all that. Why? Because any Song which you download from Worship of Heaven's Song Collection may be used without fees, royalty charges or licensing requirements - regardless of how the Song will be used: live, recorded, broadcast or otherwise.

There's a Revolution brewing here. Learn more by viewing a 2-Minute Overview Video, and creating a User ID.