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Isaiah 6:1-3 " ... I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of His robe filled the temple. Above Him were seraphs ... And they were calling to one another: 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory!'"

Flooding the Earth with God's Glory

With the whole earth being filled with the glory of God, it's a sure thing that His glory will be accompanied by His people praising Him around the globe.   Hence the need for Praise and Worship music of the caliber of heaven.

Herein is a key place where musicians of all types can get in on the action that Isaiah saw. There's room for virtually every style of music, virtually every type of musical instrument, and virtually every skill level of singer or instrumentalist ... but the foundation of it all is that of God-approved Praise and Worship songs. That's why Spirit-inspired Praise and Worship Song Writers are so critically needed!

Stewarding the Worship Songs of Heaven

One of the primary tenets of Worship of Heaven is that Praise and Worship songs are really a gift from God to His Church, and as such they should be stewarded in a way that would meet His expectations. That means this: God doesn't give a Song to someone so that that person can sell it as if it were some kind of "marketable product" on the open market. Rather, He gives worship songs to selected individuals so that they will release them to the Body of Christ for their use in following God - just as God has in the past with the Holy Scriptures; they were never meant to be sold by the men to whom they were given; they were meant to be released freely to God's people so that they can live for Him, walk before Him and worship Him in manner which is acceptable in His sight. To put it another way: surely King David and Asaph would never have tried to control the use of the Psalms through Copyright restrictions, if they had existed back then.

Worship of Heaven was created in an attempt at providing a channelway for Praise and Worship songs to be released freely to the body of Christ. However, this comes at a price, and part of that price is "paid for" by the Song Writers. This price is a part of the "stewarding" process that accompanies the caring for the Song which God gave in the first place. If may seem like a "sacrifice" by the world's Music Industry standards, but Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, is worth it!

Legal Details of submitting a Song to Worship of Heaven

Here, in a nutshell, are some of the specifics of what it would mean to you, the Song Writer, to partner with Worship of Heaven by uploading one or more of your songs to the site. The full details are spelled out in Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework.

Any song that you submit to Worship of Heaven must be a song for which you are the author or for which you provide written documentation stating that you are representing the author. If there were two or more of you who wrote the song's lyrics and/or music, Worship of Heaven will need to receive written permission from each of you on the submittal of your song. If you've already "signed over" your song to a publisher or other entity, Worship of Heaven will not be able to accept that song submission unless it comes with written permission from the entity to which you signed it.

Unless you sign over your song to another person or entity, you will always be the Copyright owner of the song. (If you are US Citizen or Permanent Resident, we're talking about the  "US Copyright", but please understand that the same basic premise holds true for the corresponding Copyright laws of many other countries.) Worship of Heaven will never ask you to sign over the Copyright rights of your song to itself nor to any other entity.  In fact, by your submitting a Song into Worship of Heaven's Song Collection, you agree that you will continue to be the Copyright Owner of the Song and that you will not sign it over to any other entity.  The reason this is so important is because the Users of your song, once it is part of Worship of Heaven's Song Collection, will be counting on your having given permission for the use of the Song per Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework, and that can only be accomplished if you are the Copyright Owner of the Song.

As the Copyright owner of your song, you have numerous "rights" granted to you by US Copyright Law. By submitting a song to Worship of Heaven, however, you expressly agree to waive some of those rights. Specifically, there are two groups of Users of your song: one group has only you and those whom you designate in it; the other group has everyone else in it. Here's how these two groups work:

For the group of Users which contains you and those whom you designate: you may use your song almost as if you had never submitted it to Worship of Heaven. In effect, for the members of this group, whether you are recording the song, performing it live, using it as a soundtrack for a video, making derivative works from it, or any other use ... it's business-as-usual: it's almost as if Worship of Heaven and its Legal Framework didn't exist as far as your use of the Song goes.

However, those who are in the group of "all others" have different, but lesser privileges than you. By your submitting your song, you agree to offer this group of people the following privileges.

  • They may perform, record and otherwise use your song without further permission from you, and they will not owe you any type of fees, including but not limited to royalty fees - now or ever - for their work based upon your song, whether they give it away or sell it for profit. This means that they may perform your song live or make their own recording of your song and have it played back via any medium, including but not limited to non-profit venues, for-profit venues, radio, TV, Internet streaming, MP3's, CD's, DVD's or any other media, including media which do not exist as of the date that you submit your song.
  • You grant them a "license" to use your song in accordance with the specifics detailed by Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework.
  • There is no further explicit "license" which they must obtain from you or anyone else so as to use your song.
  • You agree that you have not and will not sign or otherwise make any agreements with any third party which would result in this group of Users not being able to use your song as outlined herein. Note that this means that you will most likely not be able to sign a "vanilla" contract with almost any standard Music Industry entity, including but not limited to: publishers, recording companies, distribution companies or performing rights organizations (such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC) in regards to the specific song(s) which you are contributing to Worship of Heaven. Any contract(s) which you do sign in regards to the control or use of the specific song(s) which you are contributing to Worship of Heaven must contain explicitly spelled-out exclusions in your contract which will accomodate this group of Users' permitted activities, as specified in Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework.
  • You agree that in the event that you do sign an agreement with any entity which then files any type of lawsuit, or even threatens a lawsuit against one or more Users of this group -- including Worship of Heaven, itself - for any use of your song as permitted by your agreement with Worship of Heaven, that you will indemnify the User(s) and/or Worship of Heaven of all claims against them which you had specifically granted to them through Worship of Heaven. In other words, you need to be absolutely certain that you do not sign any kind of document that will contradict the permissions that you have granted this group of Users through Worship of Heaven, or there may be serious trouble brewing.
  • Worship of Heaven's Users may store, retrieve, transmit, copy and in any other way use your written song sheets, chord sheets and lead sheets without any licensing required, and no fees or royalties will accrue to you due to this use of your song.

There's a Payback for all of this

Now you may be asking yourself, "Why should I do this?" The reason you should do this is because you want your song to be used to the maximum degree possible for God's glory. You didn't write that song with the idea of making money from it, and that's not normally why the Spirit of God inspires writers, anyway.  You wrote it with the dream of honoring God with it.

Fundamental to the reasoning for Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework's existence is this: it provides an environment for your song to "go viral", across the worldwide Internet while still being 100% in conformance to the laws of the land. If a song whose Copyright ownership had been signed-off to a Music Industry entity, such as a Publisher, were to "go viral" across the Internet, it would almost certainly result in lawsuits coming forth, claiming "Copyright Infringement". That would transform your euphoria of having your own viral Song into the nightmare of having your own lawsuit.

By submitting your song to Worship of Heaven, you are effectively bequeathing your song upon the body of Christ at large, for its almost-unlimited use. Worship of Heaven's model of ministry should not seem unusual; it's fundamental all true ministry: your work is for God's glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom.

To summarize, what you are doing is granting the body of Christ the privilege of using your song freely, so that it, too, may have a part in bringing forth the manifestation of the words of the Seraph creatures of God when they declare:

Isaiah 6:3:  "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory!"