Worship of Heaven: Recording Artists / Recorded Worship

Psalms 26:1-7 " ... I have trusted in the Lord without wavering ... and go about Your altar, O Lord, proclaiming aloud Your praise and telling of all Your wonderful deeds."

Promoting God's Glorious Praise

Those who use any form of media to promote Christian Praise and Worship songs are key players in accomplishing king David's task of "proclaiming aloud His praise and telling of all His wonderful deeds." Worship of Heaven would like to partner with Recording Artists such as these by providing them with bountiful supplies of fresh, relevant Praise and Worship songs which they can legally record and publish - for profit or for free.

Dealing with the Laws of Man

The technological revolution has made it possible to make amazing recordings for a very low price, but it has also opened the door to rampant piracy of those recordings. The powers-that-be throughout the Music Industry are exceedingly concerned that their profits are evaporating due to unauthorized use of their recordings, and have therefore beefed up their crackdown efforts against copyright infringers.

However, getting official, legal copyright permission so as to record someone else’s material can be very frustrating. In most cases, you'll have to agree to every term and condition of the Copyright Administrator, you'll pay ongoing royalty fees, and you'll be required to swear that your "use" of the song(s) will only be exactly as specfied in the contract. Furthermore, once you've signed those papers, you might as well implant a GPS transmitter in your body, because you'll become almost trivial to "track" by copyright attorneys, who'll want to ensure that you are doing exactly what you signed up to do, and nothing more. If you've ever gone through all this, then you'll probably now understand why so many recording artists have vowed to never again record anyone else's songs. But, please don't give up on the idea of recording other's songs, yet ...

How about some God-inspired Terms and Conditions?

Worship of Heaven offers you almost unlimited use of songs in its database, with no royalties, no sign-up fees, no subscription fees, no usage fees, and no other types of fees. How's that for starters?

You can use the songs in almost any way. You can record them onto any media in existence, or onto any which will someday be invented. You can broadcast them over the airwaves, over the Internet or any other type of channel. You can play them live or record them . You can charge for your performances and recordings or give them away. You can make derivative works of any type. And again: it's all free.

So what's the catch? Well, the closest thing to a "catch" is that there are still a few restrictions. These are spelled-out in detail in Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework, but they're a drop in the bucket compared to perhaps 99.9% of the Music Industry's restrictions. For example:

  • You cannot copyright the songs which you got from Worship of Heaven. They already have been copyrighted by the person(s) who submitted them for your use.
  • If you create a song which is a "close takeoff" of a song from Worship of Heaven, you agree to submit it to Worship of Heaven, to be added to the site's Song Collecion. If it is "real close" to the original song, you will not even legally be able to copyright it. If it is "substantially different" from the original song, you "should" be able to copyright it. In either case, you still agree to submit the derivative song to Worship of Heaven, as specified previously.
  • You may copyright your performance and/or recording of the song which you got from Worship of Heaven, and you may charge for that live performance and/or recording, but you DO agree to allow anyone to copy, store, retrieve, transmit or otherwise "use" your performance or recording without notifying you of the same, without paying you for any such "use", and without their having to sign or agree to any kind of documents or verbal instructions and exceptions from you or your representative. In effect, you agree that although you will own the "Performance Copyright Rights" of your rendition of the song which you got from Worship of Heaven, you grant all others the legal rights specified above.
  • You may not limit how or where your recordings may be used. Therefore, you may not specify, for example, that your recording may only be played back "in a private home" or "for non-commercial use".
  • You agree that your recording can be played back without additional revenues in any form being due to you for such activity.
  • You agree that you will not sign an agreement with any entity which would limit the free use of your recording of a song from Worship of Heaven's Song Collection beyond that specified in Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework. Therefore, you'll need to carefully analyze every contract agreement you sign for possible contractual conflicts. This would include any agreement with a distributor of your recording (iTunes, etc). This requirement would only apply to the specific song(s) which you recorded from Worship of Heaven's Song Collection, not to other songs you recorded.

He must increase; I must decrease.

You may be asking yourself, "What is Worship of Heaven's motivation in limiting me like this?" The answer is simple: Worship of Heaven wants to empower musicians to take and send God's praise across the earth, but all personal agendas must "bow their knees" and take a second place slot to the promotion of Jesus Christ, Who is #1. Therefore, the Terms and Conditions of Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework have been crafted with that priority in mind.

Consider, for your next recording, adding one or more songs from Worship of Heaven's Song Collection to the other songs in your lineup. Remember: Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework only applies to the Song(s) which are part of Worship of Heaven's Song Collection. Therefore, if you want to "prohit copying of your CD", for instance, you can still do such - you just can't do so for the specific songs which you got from Worship of Heaven.

Expand Your Repertoir.  Extend God's Glory.

The end result of tapping into Worship of Heaven's Song Collection is that you'll be able to constantly expand your repertoir. You can use the Songs for free, and you can make money from your recordings of them, if you choose. There's a lot of room for you to work with Worship of Heaven's Songs.

The restrictions specified in Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework were created so as to ensure that the Songs will be used first and foremost for extending God's glory. For those with similar intentions, we believe there should be no issue with the ministry's Legal Framework.