Worship of Heaven: In Summary

WorshipOfHeaven.com (i.e. "Worship of Heaven") is dedicated to extending the worship music of heaven to earth and distributing it throughout the earth. It attempts to do this by offering a collection of original Christian Praise and Worship songs, and a Legal Framework which governs and guides the use of those songs.

The World's Music Industry vs. Worship of Heaven

It's no secret that the Music Industry has harnessed the art form of "music" into a high-dollar cash cow where companies threaten law suits at the drop of a hat to anyone who uses their music without paying for it. This is business-as-usual for the "world's system". However, once genuine Praise and Worship music gets injected into the world's Music Industry, a serious problem develops: the God for whom Praise and Worship music is written does not operate in accordance with the worldly standards of the music business. To make things worse, there is a huge temptation for any Christian who's involved in the music industry to adopt similar worldly ways, due to the lure of money.

Worship of Heaven's services, however, are 100% free of charge: no sign-up fees, no subscription fees, no per-use fees, no royalty fees, no "mechanical" fees, "synchronization" fees nor any other fees. There are no licensing requirements or restrictions on recording the songs or playing them live, whether for free or for fee.

Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework allows almost unlimited use of the songs, but it does have some other restrictions. Those restrictions are geared towards ensuring that the songs are used for their intended purpose: to extend the kingdom of God on earth. This is explained in greater detail throughout this web site, in its videos, and in the Legal Framework itself.

Worship of Heaven is 100% in compliance with US Federal Laws, adhering in its entirety to the US Copyright Law. The difference between what Worship of Heaven offers and that which most song-related services offer is that Worship of Heaven's motivation is not that of bringing profit to any human being or earthly entity (although that is altogether acceptable), but to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, in spite of any personal, human sacrifices required to do so.

The Vision

Part of the vision behind the formation of Worship of Heaven is that in heaven there are probably an uncountable number of fabulous worship songs being employed. (A few are written down in the book of Revelation.) Due to the fact that there is one family in heaven and earth (Ephesians 3:15), it's probably a fair presumption that God would like His family on earth to be able to worship Him in a manner similar to the way His family in heaven does.

So as to bring this to pass, it's also probably reasonable to presume that God would be happy to "download" some or all of His worship songs in heaven to His people on earth ... if He thought that they would be used in a manner which is consistent with His nature and purposes. Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework is an attempt to set up the legal environment on earth (again, in complete compliance with the "laws of the land" - at least within America) whereby such heavenly worship songs could be "stewarded" in a simple purity and innocence with no other agenda but that of "spreading God's Praise and Worship across the earth". For more on this subject, see Worship Song Download from Heaven.

Worship of Heaven is not just a collection of songs; it is a collection of people, primarily Song Writers and Song Users, although anybody can sign up. Here's an overview of what Worship of Heaven offers each. More detail about each can be found elsewhere on this site.

Song Writers

Song Writers can submit one or more of their songs to Worship of Heaven so as to empower others in the body of Christ to play, sing, record or broadcast their material, thus extending that song's "return on investment" to God. Song Writers maintain full ownership of their songs, and are the sole copyright owner of them (unless they've signed them away to some other entity, in which case they would have to be submitted by that entity). Song Writers may use their own submitted songs in a manner similar to the way they might use those songs if they'd never submitted them to Worship of Heaven, with only a few restrictions. However when a Song Writer's song is used by one of the site's other Song Users, no royalties will accrue to the Song Writer for any activity done by a song User - including live performance, recording, broadcast, the creation of derivative works or other use.

Song Users

This incorporates Recording Artists, Worship Leaders, Worship Team Members and Performers. This group of people may use any of the songs in Worship of Heaven's database, for virtually any reason - live performance, recording, broadcast, the creation of derivative works (such as soundtracks for movies and videos) ... in virtually any way. However, Song Users may not place their own "copyright" on the songs from Worship of Heaven, nor may they claim that they are the author.

Song Users are free to charge for the sale of recordings of the songs or for their performances. However, as part of the Legal Framework of Worship of Heaven, all Song Users agree that they will permit their performances, recordings, broadcasts, etc. of Worship of Heaven's songs to be used freely by all others; they give their permission for others to literally copy their performances, recordings, broadcasts, etc., and store them, retrieve them, transmit them, give them away or even to sell them -- all of that with no royalties coming back to the Song Users who did the performance, recording, broadcast, etc..

Song Users also agree that they will place no restrictions whatsoever upon others' use of their renditions of Worship of Heaven's songs in regards to where or in what manner those songs may be "performed" or played back. This means that Song Users may not restrict others to only play their recordings or broadcasts "in a private home", for example. Song Users agree that they will not require their own users of their performances, recordings, broadcasts, etc. of Worship of Heaven's songs to attain further permission from them for any use whatsoever of those songs.

Some facts about Worship of Heaven

Lastly, here are a few details regarding Worship of Heaven, itself:

  • Worship of Heaven is not a Publisher, Producer, Record Label, Agent or Manager.
  • Worship of Heaven holds no ownership whatsoever in the songs which are submitted to it. Similarly, Worship of Heaven does not hold copyright ownership nor control of any of the songs submitted to it.
  • Worship of Heaven charges nothing to its users for its services.
  • Worship of Heaven is a ministry, but it is not a 501c-3 organization, nor is it a church. From a legal standpoint, Worship of Heaven is actually a business, although it doesn't charge its users for its services (similar to many social networking sites).
  • Worship of Heaven is attempting to establish a Christ-centric modus operandi within the worldwide "Music Industry", based upon principles found in the Holy Bible.
  • Worship of Heaven is specifically attempting to promote the musical genre of Christian Praise and Worship music. It does this by (amongst other things) setting up a mechanism for the storage and dissemination of original Praise and Worship songs. These songs can be used without charge, in accordance with Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework.
  • Worship of Heaven is completely committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ -- that He is the only hope for salvation for each soul on earth, in accordance with John 14:6, John 3:16, and Acts 4:12. For more details on Worship of Heaven's guiding Scriptural principles, see Worship of Heaven's Statement of Faith.