Worship of Heaven: About Us

WorshipOfHeaven.com (i.e. "Worship of Heaven") is a ministry founded and administered by David Straley, of Austin, Texas.

The concepts promoted by Worship of Heaven were born out of David's experiences of attempting to license popular praise and worship songs so as to be able to record them and legally place them on YouTube.com. YouTube.com, of course, does not generate money for its users. Nevertheless, YouTube does require all content to be legal, and therefore, all copyrighted material must be accompanied by official copyright permission for its online use.

David Straley with Street Ministry Worship Team
David Straley with Street Ministry Worship Team

David attempted to gain copyright permission for about 20 popular worship songs from different authors, some of which had different publishers and some of which had different copyright administrators. After six months of working with the songs' copyright administrators, and many phone calls which were never answered or returned, many emails which were seemingly ignored, numerous written requests for copyright permission which seemed to fall into a black hole, and even an allegation from one copyright administrator that David hadn't paid for songs which they had never actually licensed to him, David sought God earnestly as to whether there were a better way to record music within the bounds of the law. After a year or so of prayer, the concepts of WorshipOfHeaven.com came forth and were written out and placed on the web site which you are now visiting.

The dream of Worship of Heaven is that Praise and Worship songs would be freely usable - in any reasonable way conceivable - by any and all who want to magnify Almighty God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ - "with no strings attached", and without all of the legal-oriented binding clauses of almost every publisher and copyright administrator in existence.

Currently, the Worship of Heaven is funded strictly by private donations. Thus, the site offers its services completely free of charge, and there are no plans to ever charge for its services. Moving forward, as the site gains popularity, the hope is to bring on additional personnel who would help to administer the site and expand its reach, both in the USA and worldwide.

Although we believe that what we are doing through this ministry is so "right" that it can "stand on its own merits", nevertheless, we realize that some have a genuine need to better understand our doctrinal stance on issues. Therefore, we offer to you Worship of Heaven's Statement of Faith for your reading pleasure. This is none other than the renown Lausanne Covenant, arguably the most respected and universally accepted statement of faith in the body of Christ worldwide. It's rather long and detailed, but here it is: our Statement of Faith.