Worship of Heaven: Alternative to Music Publishing for Praise & Worship Music

Why the Worship of Heaven "Alternative" is Good for You

Worship of Heaven does what every Music Publisher should do: it gets its Song Collection "out there" for others to use. It invests time, energy and resources so as to help those Songs find worldwide acceptance.

However, it also does what almost no Publisher is willing to do: it takes no ownership in its music, charges nothing for its services, receives no commissions or royalties, doesn't call itself a "Publisher", and doesn't want its Users to do so, either!

Additional "Alternative Benefits" to You

Going beyond the usual "Publisher services" .... Worship of Heaven crafts an environment whereby its Songs get a crack at going viral - and there is almost no Publisher anywhere in the world whose Legal Terms and Conditions would even allow one of its Song to go viral - let alone would they encourage it - because "going viral" can only legally happen if the Song can be freely distributed. But freely distributing the Song would directly violate the most basic of the Terms & Conditions of almost every Publisher, worldwide. (However it wouldn't violate Worship of Heaven's terms & conditions, as specified in its Legal Framework.)

A basic tenet of Worship of Heaven's mission is that each Praise & Worship Song should be treated as if it were God's own property which were being "stewarded" by the Song's human Author. It also believes that in almost every case the Author and Owner of the Song should be the same. It also believes that these Songs should be freely usable by all other interested parties, and that there should be no charge for their use - no matter what that "use" is.

Like a Publisher, Worship of Heaven believes that every Song should be Copyrighted, because the Copyright Law itself, is "good" in sofar that it establishes both legal Authorship and legal Ownership.

But unlike almost every Publisher, worldwide, Worship of Heaven is adamant that the Owner of the Song's Copyright should not exercise his/her/their legal "Copyright rights" so as to prevent others from free, almost-unlimited use of that Song. (We say "almost" because there are a few exceptions to this rule, specified in Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework.) Welcome to a true Alternative to Music Publishing!

What is a Music Publisher, Anyway?

In simplified form, Music Publishing is the process whereby an entity, called a "Publisher" (usually a company),   "manages" a Song.  The Publisher may also "manage" the Song's Author, i.e. the Song Writer. Typically, the Music Publisher has a set of written contracts for the Song Writer to sign, wherein the Song Writer legally signs-over his or her Songs to the Publisher in exchange for some promises from the Publisher that the Publisher will work to "push" the Song (and possibly the Song Writer) into the mainstream Music-buying public.

Now that's a simplified definition, and there's a lot more detail behind it, but it's a starting point. The bottom line is that Song Writers (and their bands) sign deals with Music Publishers with the belief that it will yield a positive financial return for themselves. Of course, Music Publishers believe the same thing, and that's why they "sign the band".

Of course, Music Publishers, like almost every other entity in the Music Business are in business to make money. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that many, if not most, Christian Song Writers also dream of making money in the Music Business. Accordingly, we've put together some real-world actual numbers for you - numbers which will show you in black-and-white how much money you can actually make through a Music Publisher. Consider taking a few minutes to read our article on Making Money Through Praise and Worship Music so as to further illuminate why you deserve an alternative to Music Publishing for your Music.