Worship of Heaven: Heaven's Worship on Earth

In Summary

Worship Freedom

WorshipOfHeaven.com (i.e. "Worship of Heaven") is a ministry dedicated to extending the Praise and Worship music of heaven to earth and distributing it throughout the earth, in accordance with the Lord's prayer:

Matthew 6:10: " '... Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven ..."

Worship of Heaven attempts to do this by acting as a song-sharing service for original Christian Praise and Worship songs. It maintains a growing collection of such songs and a Legal Framework which specifies the terms and conditions for their use. Songs may be downloaded and used in an almost unlimited fashion. Original Christian Praise and Worship songs may be added to the site's Song Collection by uploading them.

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Song Writers

Those who write Praise and Worship songs are key spokesmen and spokeswomen through whom God wants to touch the world. The earth is "groaning", as if it were waiting to hear these songs of heaven. The time is now ripe to empower musicians around the globe with great Praise and Worship songs which they can use freely -- without red tape from the money-centric Music Industry. Worship of Heaven is a "catalyst" whose purpose is to do just that, and it all starts with Song Writers being willing to share their skills with the body of Christ, as if they were "tithing" their songs back to God.
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Recording Artists

Almost every musician will at some point get involved in recording. Whether their involvement is full-time or casual, the legalities surrounding recordings are significant, and due to the high visiblity of recorded music, none can afford to ignore these laws. Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework puts forth some rather bold proposals for those who record - all geared towards extending God's glory and fame to the ends of the earth.
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Worship Leaders, Worship Team Members, Performers

Those who play and/or sing live Praise and Worship music are among the most visible “servants of God” in any given church or ministry. Over the past couple decades, “Copyright subscription services” have materialized, which are dedicated to keeping churches, ministries and individuals "clean with the law" regarding their legal responsibility to pay royalty fees on their vast selection of Praise and Worship songs. This has been a breakthrough for many church bands, but even with the advent of several new, specialized licenses, there are still a bunch of things that subscribers just can't legally do. Fortunately, any songs used from Worship of Heaven's song collection, in accordance with Worship of Heaven's Legal Framework, would be free from those remaining restrictions.  And all of that ... for free.
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